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I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur with the hope of inspiring other women to follow their dreams. Our Mother-Daughter owned businesses were established with love and commitment to bring unique  yet affordable services for you, your home, and your pets, while being environmentally conscious and minimizing our carbon footprint. 


Our love for God's natural beauty, our desire to live a healthy life, and the well-being of our beloved family and pets, were more than enough encouragement to begin this journey. With God's grace, we plan to bring the same motivation to others, so that you may join us in our journey to a beautiful ,healthy life.  

Amanda Hobaugh, bookkeeper and real estate expert in Atlanta

Hi, I'm Amanda

Services & Resources

Spa Setting


Our products are hand picked or homemade to make you feel your best- Inside and Out.

Self Care
Dog Grooming

All They Want is Love

Eco-friendly and local products, with personal services for our furry best friends.

Happy Pets
Real Estate firm, alanta GA

Dreams to Reality

Years of experience to help you reach your dreams

Home Sweet Home
consulting services for small business and residences in Atlanta

Let your voice be heard

Our page is your bright corner to find your little piece of heaven while nurturing yourself and caring for those that you love, all under one roof. My motto "Happy Home, Happy Pets, Happy You" is the driving force behind everything that I do. Living your best life starts from within. 
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